[AUDIO] Drugs by TemPee & MICFix

The song Drugs by TemPee & MICFix is gotten out of the realities of what the street looks like today in our eyes because fallen mentors refused to stand on their grounds of duty to approach the situations around it. They made drug abuse a way of life so the younger generation coming up assume this is it yo...this is the in thing...so it becomes intimidation to whosoever thinks abusing drugs is not swag,neither is it about gaining respect by peers or feared when seen around in the neighborhood at large..but failed to understand that this weed, this pills, the injections have great sight effects that might lead to the lost of life and honour at the end..
So we did this song to encourage the younger generations to be carefully of drug abuse by staying away..

Swag is not Gotten when you are high
Neither is knowledge

Stay away from Drugs Abuse.


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