AUDIO+ Lyric:: Bege (Hope) Salam S Ft. Philemon N

And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure (1 John 3:3). Hope help us live by faith to see the evidence of things not seen, it is the fuel propelling us to keep on despite hard times. The song is that of dependence and trust on Christ finished work on Calvary. Eternity lying in the heart of men is the deep longing for God in the believers heart not an experience postpone to the future. It begins now till infinity. It's a call for this three to remain; faith, hope and love. May we all live hopeful to the end. Amen


Salam Samuel. Ft. Philemon Nyimniba
Ina da bege wata Rana zanje Samaniya in zauna dashi Maichetona
Eternity lies in the heart of men (Deep longing for God)
Ina rumbun Allah mai rai
dadi baya karewa
anan duniya har Samaniya kuwa
Ni nabar duniyan nan domin inyi rayuwa da Isa karmatullahi
wanchan Samaniya wanda nake taji
wanchan Samaniya wanda nake ta shelar
wanchan Samaniya inda Yesu Christi yaje
watan watarana zanje Samaniya in zauna dashi Maichetona
Aljannah for the brave and the graced
for those who have run the good race
they who are never at rest, for those who have Jesus embrace
Not the best but the graced yea
there awaits a crown of righteousness
begenmu watarana zai chika
So give God corporation,in all situation
Love him with no condition,never mind your position
Make knowing him your ambition,giving up never mention,despite persecution
Hold on to the D-day
Let faith,hope,love remain unto the resurrection.
Samaniya ye e...Samaniya ye e....
Zanje, watan watarana zanje Samaniya in zauna dashi Maichetona
Ina da bege bege   Ina da bege bege
Bege 3x bege (Rspns) Bege 3x (Rspns)
Ina  bege watarana zanje Samaniya in zauna dashi Maichetona
Muna taka rawan yabo, muna taka rawan yabo
Rawa 3x Rawa (Rspns) Rawa 3x (Rspns)
Tsalle 3x tsalle(Rspns)tsalle 3x tsalle (Rspns).
Salle ne zamuyi

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