Warfare by Tempee & Solid 04

#Warfare by Tempee & Solid O4 is a song of revival aim to cause an awakening to all believers to take a stand against the enemy of their soul

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                      #Lyrics Of Warfare

Uhh..  Mr O4?(Tem-pee) Yea(O4)... Tem-pee!!!(O4).. Its time we put,(Tem-Pee) that's right(O4)... The devil in his place(Tem-pee)..uh uh hu...(O4)check... Mumunzo mugaya maku wani kalma ne kawai.. (Tem-pee) sarai. (O4)
Let's not be taking unaware by the vices of the evil one..yea (Tem-pee) stand men stand uh . (O4)

(O4) kuzo mu taktaka shaidan. 
(Tem-pee) sai mudaga hanayen mu a sama mu bawa yesu girma. (x4)

Rap 1 (Solid O4)

Check First of all praise the lord for he his good all time and all day his still the same, check , the devil is liar and been consumed in the fire, kiri kiri is pop and clear so am not afraid to step on you like I wanna am solider ready for whatever get it cos you ain't got power over me like your Voodoos do do who do whatever you think that you can do see,  i fully ready for ya taken you down will be the only thing on my mind am no longer you slave authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me so am woop  you down smack you down and anything that want am do to you will be super cool spitting right on face cos am covered with the armor of God speaking the word of God to every living soul!! 

(O4) kuzo mu taktaka shaidan. 
(Tem-pee) sai mudaga hanayen mu a sama mu bawa yesu girma. (x4)

Rap 2 (Tem-pee)

Am starting this with no Remus.. 
Shaidan...maye bawan karya..hmmm cha(hiss)
Gafara anan.. 
You know am already your nightmare.. Mungun mafarki...standing with my heads high kaman zakara mai haushi... 
Am so fly in Jesus.. He in me is greater than you..I know your vices karyan ka fa ka mallake ni
I carry my gichiye like kuliyomi, bibles on me, ganenan mashayin ruhu mai sarki kagudu... Lungu lungu za na kai masu bashira... In sunki su ji zana koma gida ba asara...am calling on the lost souls, you can call it raw call...spiritually minded you can call it revival...I Don't care about your feelings Mr. Lucifer not even your sorrows rot in hell with your followers..I put the armor of Christ along with my house hold. Na data shi na muka shi masu bi kuzo mu gbagbaka shi...!!! 

(O4) kuzo mu taktaka shaidan. 
(Tem-pee) sai mudaga hanayen mu a sama mu bawa yesu girma. (x8)

Yea.... This is a raw call to all believers.. (Tem-pee)Ina muke(O4)
Let's not allow the devil to tell us... (Tem-pee) or even want to deceive us... To tell us what we should or should not do. (O4).. Once he comes to challenge you,tell him where he belongs... Or where He's going... Yariga ya rasa sama. (Tem-pee)yeaa... Sosai... Tem-pee, Solid O4 yo... Hill stream.... Yeaaa.... Kuzo mutaktakashiiiiii..... Lols.. 
Till fade...... 

The End!!!

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